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 Livolo Double 2-2
 Livolo Double 2-2
 Livolo Double 2-2
 Livolo Double 2-2
 Livolo Double 2-2
 Livolo Double 2-2

Livolo Double 2-2

Livolo Double 2-2
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  • Brand: Livolo
  • Product Ref: VL-C7022
  • Dimensions: 151.00mm x 80.00mm x 30.00mm
  • Panel Type: 7022
  • EAN: 6093193792023
  • Module Type: ( X2 ) WW-C702
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Livolo Double 2-2

This Livolo touch switch with elegant and luxurious design is available in various colors. . .
The Livolo touch switch is designed with a gorgeous crystal panel that gives any home or office a sleek and modern look.
Livolo glass panel switches can be turned on and off with just a simple gesture. The touch light switches have adopted IC intelligent chips which makes them more sensitive on touch control, very similar to the technology used in the latest generation of mobile phones.
This highly durable front panel is made of fire retardant and scratch resistant crystal glass to endure many years of use. The crystal glass touch panel, can operate with wet hand without any danger.
The mechanical switches that are commonly used utilize contactors which can cause electric arc (sparks) sometimes. Thanks to Livolo’s digital technology there is no risk of electric arc and no need to worry about the life of the contactor.
Installation is an easy task, anyone with basic handyman knowledge can accomplish it. An instruction manual is standard included with each Livolo touch switch.
Livolo switches need the same wiring as traditional switches, you can just replace your old switch directly without any extra wiring or battery.
Each individual switch can resist up to a 1000W at 5A and dimmers can handle 500W at 3A.
Please note that:

For “TECHNICAL PARAMETERS” please check “Specification” section.


Product Specification
Mechanical Life 100,000 Times of operation
Max. Voltage AC 110-250V/50-60Hz
Max. Current 5A
Dimension 151mm ⨯ 80mm ⨯ 40mm
Model Number VL-C702-11 White VL-C702-12 Black VL-C702R-11 White - Remote VL-C702R-12 Black - Remote
Panel Material Tempered Crystal Glass Panel
Total Rated Load 1000W
Operating Environment -30~70 centigrade; less than 95% RH
Self Consuming Power Less than 0.1mW
Function Wall Light Switch Touch Screen Control
Warranty 2 Year
  • 85.71%
  • 14.29%
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